Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Pentridge Children's Garden is entering its 21st season!

For the past 20 years, the garden has been a volunteer run green space where youth and families in West Philadelphia can learn to garden, play in a natural space, eat nutritious snacks, and participate in artistic and creative activities. The garden has grown in its lifetime to include two apple trees, a Concord grape vine, a fig tree, raspberries, strawberries, a herb circle and 15 beds for growing food and flowers. We are committed to food justice, as reflected in our mission statement:

"The Pentridge Children's Garden is an urban garden located in South West Philadelphia dedicated to providing transformative educational space for children with limited access. We seek to resolve inequities within the local food system. We are doing this through community-based actions emphasizing accountability, sovereignty, and consciousness raising."

Help us raise money to continue to run important programming and provide affordable and accessible food in the local neighborhood!

Your money will go towards:

buying tools
paying our water bill
buying seeds, art supplies, and snacks
finishing our greenhouse
repairing our shed
rebuilding our garden beds
fixing our water system
painting a mural in the garden
supporting "give away days" in the neighborhood, where folks can come and get free produce
giving youth a safe space to connect with the earth, each other and the power of growing their own food
expanding the number and quality of the community days and workshops we can offer in the garden this season

Thank you so much!!

Donate Today!

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